Kathy and Cody Waite are professional competitors. For the past twenty years, Cody has competed in mountain biking, road biking and triathlons as a professional. A decade ago, Kathy went from a beginning competitor to becoming an XTERRA triathlon national champion. She is also a competitive mountain biker, winning races in the Professional Women’s field. When they compete together, they are known as Team Waite, and two years in a row have won Firecracker 50. They are the founders of Waite Endurance, a training program for cyclists.

ASEA and Training

The XTERRA triathlon is an intense athletic endeavor that includes extreme mountain biking, swimming and running through difficult mountainous terrain. While training for the XTERRA triathlon, Cody and Kathy started supplementing with ASEA water. They know ASEA reviews and researches all their products, with a strong emphasis on how they affect the endurance and recovery time for competitive athletes.

Now they have both passed the milestone of turning 40 and have switched their competitive racing goals to endurance mountain biking. They are devoted to training and dedicate 10–20 hours a week to it, with a strong emphasis on aerobic workouts. The addition of ASEA Redox supplement has been an immense help in this training, according to Kathy.

Their hard training, coupled with ASEA products, helps them maintain youthfulness, which is a great example to younger athletes not to let age slow you down. They use ASEA Redox Cell signaling supplement to help with endurance, and ASEA Renu skincare products to help counter the harshness of wind and sun exposure due to all their outdoor training and competitions.

Aging and ASEA

As you age, personal choices, like lifestyle and diet, really make a difference in appearance. Certain things make people appear to age faster, like smoking, consuming a lot of alcohol, a poor diet, and not exercising. But your cells also contribute to how you age.

Old cells have a harder time reproducing healthy cells. This can lead to things like wrinkles, age spots, a weakened immune system, and even disease. This is because a cell sends out a redox signaling molecule when it is in distress or needs to be replaced, and older cells simply don’t function quite as well. But ASEA’s products contain shelf-stable redox molecules, supplementing the body’s own supply. ASEA reviews and researches their supplements and skincare products to ensure efficacy and safety.

Working hard and staying fit is a choice. So is adding things to your life to stay youthful. So take control of your life, start doing something good for yourself, and begin living healthier today.

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