ASEA Review Why July Is National Anti-Boredom Month

On paper, July looks like the best month of the year: no school, long summer days, barbeques, and sitting by the pool. But the reality is, July can drag on, and with temperatures being uncomfortably hot, it’s not the most practical month to be spending a lot of time outside, and that leads to boredom.

What is boredom? Simply put, boredom is either having nothing to do or not enjoying the things we have to do. Boredom is being mentally under-stimulated. The last few months we have all had unique circumstances that have kept us inside more than normal. But have we learned how to combat boredom?

How Anti-Boredom Month Got Its Start

July was officially dubbed the most boring month of the year by Alan Caruba, a man who is well-known for his lists of boring things. Why did Caruba dub July as boring? Since June is the first official month of summer, it is magical. August is the month where people are gearing up to go back to school. But once the 4th of July celebration is over, there’s nothing left to do in the month.

Fun Ideas to Cure Summer Boredom

July is boring. Unless, of course, you choose to make it fun. Here are just a few ideas of how you can occupy yourself while staying safe and healthy.

Improve Health and Wellness

Use July to improve yourself physically — and that doesn’t necessarily mean upping your workout. Start by researching ways to increase your health and then take the time to implement them into your daily routine. Learn about cellular health and the impact redox signaling has on how young you look, how well your organs function, and your endurance — improved endurance means more time for fun!

You could also explore essential oils and the impact they can have on mental health. Try researching the benefits of organic produce and see if it’s something worth adding to your diet. Take the steps to improve yourself and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.


July would be a great month to plan a vacation, and the good news is you don’t actually have to leave town to do this. Learn to fish or play tennis. Find every park in your area and have a picnic at each. Plan local outings and explore your community. A few great places you can visit are:

  • Local museums
  • Community pool
  • Library
  • Lakes, creeks, or reservoirs

After you’ve finished your outings, turn your home into an anti-boredom haven by doing fun things like learning new recipes with your family, playing board games or hide-and-go-seek after dark, or planning fun seven-course dinners with your kids (who says Kraft mac and cheese can’t be an appetizer?).


Volunteering is a great way to combat boredom while making the world a better place, and it has been scientifically proven to improve a person’s health. Don’t know where to volunteer? Some great places to consider include local animal shelters, hospitals, elderly care facilities, and the library. To get started, simply pick up the phone and call one of these places. Ask how you can help; then go make the world a better place.

Learn a New Language

This is easier to start than it sounds. Learning a language is literally at your fingertips if you own a smartphone. There are dozens of free apps that teach different languages. In addition to the free apps, many people around the world learn English simply by watching American television shows and movies. Find a foreign film and watch it with subtitles. See if you can pick up any phrases. The hardest part of learning a new language in this day and age is choosing which one you want to learn!

Whether you use July to learn how to fish or improve your cellular health, make the goal right now to cure summer boredom. If you do, it may become the best month of the year.

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