ASEA Reviews: 5 Things to Add to Your Morning Routine

5 Things to Add to Your Morning Routine

Mornings can set the tone for your entire day. A bad morning typically leads into what may be a crummy day. So, if a bad morning makes for a bad day, does a good morning have the potential to make for a great day? What if there were a way to make every morning good?

What some people don’t realize is you can control your morning by creating a daily routine. This is possibly the most important step to having a productive morning. In fact, science has shown that people have more energy, creativity, and discipline first thing in the morning, so if you have an already-thought-out routine, you won’t waste time and creative energy trying to decide what to do. Here is an example of a morning routine:

1. Gratitude

Some of the most inspirational and successful people in the world take a few minutes every single morning to quietly sit and be grateful for the things they have — some call it prayer, some call it meditation. The moment you hit that snooze button, sit up, take a deep breath, and then meditate on the good things in your life. You can do this for 2 minutes or 10, but the results will be worth it.

2. Resist the Screen

After that alarm goes off, don’t pick up that phone. Don’t check the weather or the news, and don’t scroll through emails. A screen is a like a procrastination vortex waiting to suck you in. Give your brain time to think and explore and be creative.

3. Sweat

Research has shown that morning exercise has two great benefits. First, it gives a person more energy throughout the day. Second, the person who exercises has a more positive outlook than the person who does not. So hit the gym. Not into the gym? Even 15 minutes of yoga or walking makes a big difference.

4. Nourish

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A person who eats breakfast feels less hungry throughout the day and is less likely to be obese. And that goes for any breakfast — even endorsed by a cartoon character. So, why not use your breakfast to nourish your body? Plan ahead and buy simple foods that are fast and easy to make, like whole-grain cereal or a scrambled egg with spinach and cheese. If you’re really on the ball, blend a smoothie the night before and put it in the fridge. Need a simple smoothie recipe? Try 1 banana, 1 cup frozen berries, 1 cup fresh spinach, 1 cup liquid (water, fruit juice, almond milk, and coconut water are great options), and a scoop of protein powder.

5. Energize

Believe it or not, this doesn’t exclusively mean coffee or tea. Vitamins, minerals, and supplements are a way to give your body the nutrients it needs when your diet falls short (especially on those mornings where you can only manage a sorry excuse of a breakfast). B-12 and ASEA Redox Supplement are great for maintaining cellular health, which ultimately means more energy. An iodine supplement helps keep the thyroid healthy, which regulates metabolism and the hormones responsible for energy. Probiotics promote healthy gut function and improve the immune system. Also, find a great whole-food vitamin supplement and make it part of your morning routine.

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is time. Take time to do what is right for you, every single day. Tomorrow could be the start to a lot of good mornings, which in turn may lead to a lot of good days.

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