ASEA Reviews How Redox Signaling Molecules are Produced

There is a microscopic molecule in the human body that is so vital to life that a person could die in mere seconds without it. This essential molecule is called a redox signaling molecule. In fact, this microscopic molecule may be so crucial to life that time and money are being donated to the scientific exploration of redox molecules because medical researchers believe all diseases and illnesses, from diabetes to cancer, may be linked to a redox imbalance.

What Are They?

Redox molecules are not new to the scientific field. They were discovered more than a century ago, but it was not until the latter part of the 20th century that science had advanced enough to study them in-depth. More than 10,000 scientific papers have been published regarding these microscopic messengers, and millions of dollars in research and study have been spent to learn more about what they are and the role they play.

When oxidative stress builds up in an individual cell, it acts as a warning signal that the cell is sick or not properly functioning. This buildup of oxidative stress is how a cell realizes something isn’t right, so it communicates with the body that it needs to be repaired or replaced with a healthy cell. The cell sends a signal to the genes in its nucleus to communicate this need. That signal is a redox molecule.

These microscopic molecules send powerful messages communicating the need to restore, protect, or rejuvenate cells. They are responsible for signaling when something needs fixing, and the body then will fix it.

How Are They Produced?

Cells are the literal building blocks of the body — and there are trillions of them. Each cell contains something called mitochondria, and some cells contain hundreds. To function properly, a cell needs to have balance. Cellular balance is called homeostasis. If a cell is in homeostasis, the mitochondria are able to produce and release redox signaling molecules, which give the body the chance to stay healthy at the most basic level — the cellular level.

The bad news is, everyday things, such as environmental toxins, stress, and aging, can slow and hinder a cell’s ability to release these tiny molecules. Imagine a cell getting a bit old and acquiring a layer of rust. Rusty cells can’t communicate as well as other cells, and this interferes with homeostasis. When homeostasis is not achieved, genes can be turned off, and it is from the genes that the cells get instructions on how to stay healthy. Without strong redox signaling and gene instruction, a person is more at risk for illness, infection, and disease.

What Does ASEA Do?

Nearly two decades ago, a scientific breakthrough in the way redox molecules are produced was made. A small company discovered a way to produce redox molecules outside of the body. After years of study and research, they were able to find a way to put these live and active molecules into a shelf-stable, human-consumable supplement, called ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement, which is also called ASEA water.

ASEA’s cell signaling supplement is the one and only dietary supplement in the world proven by a third party to contain redox molecules. BioAgylitix, a renowned third-party lab, has certified the existence of these live and active redox molecules in ASEA’s products.

Is ASEA a Scam?

Through extensive testing and study, it has been proven that ASEA water can:

  • Support healthy responses to inflammation

ASEA water starts working at cellular and genetic levels — the most basic and important places for good health to start. It may help genetic expression thrive throughout the entire body, in every bodily system, by keeping the cells and genes communicating. Just four ounces a day of ASEA water can make a difference in cellular health.

To produce live and active redox molecules, ASEA reorganizes molecules of salt and purified water. ASEA water has been tested and proven safe for all people, all ages. It has been tested and proven safe for athletes who are required to participate in regular drug testing. ASEA reviews all their products to ensure quality and efficacy and spends time and money to further their products’ quality and health benefits.

This ASEA Reviews blog reviews ASEA products and ASEA Sciences. Read this blog to stay up-to-date on all things related to ASEA.

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