The greatest biological computer to ever walk this earth is the human body. It is composed of trillions of cells that make up its complex systems, like the respiratory system and the nervous system, and a fatty, gray source controls it: the brain.

Every cell in the human body functions at an individual level and each cell contains mitochondria. Sometimes cells have thousands of mitochondria each. Mitochondria serve a vital function. When a cell needs something, the mitochondria communicate with the body’s genes by releasing a redox signaling molecule. Redox molecules are incredibly important for proper cellular function. Without them, cells would have no way to communicate their needs. Healthy cells would die, and mutated cells would rapidly reproduce, leading to an extreme health decline.

External factors have a significant impact on cellular health and genes. Diet, environmental toxins, aging, and even daily stress can turn genes off, which is like burning the instruction manual for good health. The body must be able to communicate its health needs in order to get them met, which is why redox signaling and cellular health are so important. The body heals one cell at a time, and the necessary instructions for healing — our genes — have to have the means to dictate the proper format for recovery. These instructions are communicated via redox signaling molecules. When redox signaling fails, it can affect every system in the body:

  1. Hormone modulation: An imbalance in hormones may lead to lessened sex drive, weight gain, and depression.
  2. Immune System: Autoimmune disease affects as many as fifty million Americans and can damage all the body’s organs.
  3. Cardiovascular system: One out of three deaths in the USA lists cardiovascular disease as the cause.
  4. Digestive function: The second-leading cause of illness-induced disability in Americans is linked to digestive disease.
  5. Inflammatory response: Inflammation, which can be triggered by stress, is very strongly linked to disease and disease-related death.

Cellular Signaling

Cellular communication is an integral part of how genes work with the body. Yes, a person’s genes determine eye color, hair texture, and skin tone, but they are responsible for so much more. Genes play an important role throughout a person’s entire life, not just in the womb. Genes carry messages necessary for health to cells. The cells, in turn, react to these messages to know how best to maintain the body’s health.

Age, unfortunately, makes it harder for cells to function — imagine them forming a thin layer of rust. It’s hard to send a redox signaling messenger from a rusty cell, and if the messenger has a hard time communicating, the genes can’t respond as efficiently. But if there were a way to increase redox signaling, communication between cells and genes would stay strong despite the difficulties cells are having. The good news is, there is a way to combat this cellular malfunction.

ASEA’s Technology

Nearly twenty years ago, a group of ASEA researchers, engineers, and medical professionals discovered a new technology that can produce redox molecules outside of the human body. After a decade of study, they found a process that created shelf-stable, life-sustaining redox molecules. They put these molecules into a consumable, safe product called ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement.

This supplement, also called ASEA water, was created through a patented, groundbreaking process that reorganizes purified water and natural salt molecules. Scientifically tested, ASEA water has been shown to trigger genetic pathways and genes that:

  • Maintain a healthier inflammatory response
  • Improve the health of the immune system
  • Modulate and balance hormones to support wellness and vitality
  • Improve production of digestive enzymes and gut health
  • Help support artery elasticity and cardiovascular health

ASEA’s breakthrough technology provides critical communication and connection between cells, which ensures optimal revitalization and renewal, and supports the development of healthy, new cells. It is the only supplement in the world certified by a third-party lab to contain redox molecules. Supplementing with four ounces of ASEA redox every day may improve health at a genetic level, positively affecting gene expression in the entire body, helping to rejuvenate, protect, and keep cellular function at optimal levels. From the first day you start supplementing with it, ASEA water can positively impact every bodily system.


ASEA takes product safety and efficacy very seriously. Where possible, they certify their products and continue to research redox signaling and cellular health in an effort to prove the benefits and potential of adding a redox supplement to a diet. ASEA also ensures their products meet optimum production quality and are safe.

ASEA reviews and tests all its products and has spent millions of dollars on improving the technology behind cellular health. Every test result shows ASEA to be safe for organs, bodily systems, and body tissues. ASEA uses an NSF-certified, FDA-registered facility to produce all their products. Their products are certified by third-party, independent lab BioAgilytix to contain redox signaling molecules. ASEA uses no animal testing. In addition to ASEA’s research, over 10,000 papers based on redox technology research have been published.

ASEA’s Products

With their first product’s incredible reception, ASEA has developed other products based on their ongoing research. They have ASEA VIA, which contains:

  • Source — a multivitamin supplement
  • Lifemax — a supplement for an active lifestyle
  • Biome — a probiotic

They also have award-winning ASEA RENU 28 Skin Revitalization products.

ASEA reviews all their products to ensure they are top quality and ready for consumers, so start taking control of your health and get some ASEA water today. For more information on all of their products, please visit their website.

This ASEA Reviews blog reviews ASEA products and ASEA Sciences. Read this blog to stay up-to-date on all things related to ASEA.

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