Through events, ASEA creates opportunities for growth, inspiration, and success. Events have the power to motivate and empower, giving you the boost to take your business to the next level.

“Events foster creativity and fuel success. It’s amazing what happens when you get a few hundred people together with similar goals and a shared purpose. Everyone leaves feeling energized and enlightened, ready to take the next steps to bring more success to their business.” -Zach Jackson, International Sales Project Manager

Daily: Commit time to going over contacts. Connect with people, extend invitations, utilize three-way calling, follow up and follow through.

Weekly: Let your daily goals end with a weekly event. No event? Create an opportunity for a presentation about ASEA Water benefits, or the benefits of other products. You can increase your personal and local market by phone, via webinar, over social media, or in person.

Monthly: Regular, monthly events encourage and train your growing team. Set goals. Refer to the compensation plan document to set monthly goals that will move you toward your next rank advancement.

Quarterly: Training events and regional opportunities create a place where you, along with your team, can be recognized for your hard work. They can help you feel your importance in the company.

Annually: ASEA’s Peak Performance Program is in place to help associates progress to milestones that ultimately assist them in achieving Diamond rank. The Global Convention creates fresh opportunities through recognizing your team’s hard work and accomplishments, product advances, and market announcements.

To learn more about ASEA Redox benefits, visit our website.

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